Saturday, October 30, 2010

What's new

Well, we stayed close to home today. There is a huge water leak under the house and my husband Gregg has to fix it before we can leave to take him to Eureka, CA to start his new job. Mom and I have to have water next week. If you look farther down, I have posted some pics, just a few. I am posting one now because it is of my grandsons that live in Eureka. They were at the pumpkin patch. They are Austin who will be 11 in Nov, Gabe who is 9 but will turn 10 in March and is bigger than his brother, and Rhys who is going to be 7 in June. They are getting so big. Gabe looks more like my side of the family and the other two boys look like their dad's side. Just wanted to share them since it is fall and they were after all in the Pumpkin Patch!

Pictures of our trip so far

Picture of a barn with beautiful fall colors behind it.

Winchester Bay with the boats reflected

More fall foilage on the way to get Mom

Cape Arago Lighthouse when the waves were so rough!

I took this tonight, it was foggy but the sunset was trying to come through

Mom today looking at a barge that had been unloaded of alot of lumber

Fall foilage

Mom took this of me today standng in front of the cabin. I was eating some pecan rum pie, it was so good!
The front porch has got some tools on it due to the huge water leak my husband Gregg is fixing.

My husband Gregg and I today! Isn't my tshirt bright? I won it in some trivia games we played at a sportsbar to watch the first world series game!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mom's visit

We are having so much fun! We have gone shopping alot for our secret buddies for the SCS Christmas exchange. We have also done alot of sightseeing. The weather has been pretty yucky since Mom got here. It was so nice before she came. Oh well, can't have everything right. I am just glad she got to come. I am going to post pics later. We are headed to Eugene tomorrow for some some shopping, going to go to Michaels and JoAnns. We have a great store close to here, it is in Coos Bay, OR called Memories in Time, it is so AWESOME! We have already been there twice and are going to take a class on making flowers before Mom goes home. That will be fun!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Enjoying the Oregon Coast

Hello everyone!
Well, my darling husband and I are at the cabin on the coast in Oregon. We love it here and are awaiting my Mom's arrival next week. I have been working on some cards and will post later. I finally got my swap kits done with the help of my husband and will get them in the mail tomorrow. I hope everyone is having a great fall and enjoying wonderful weather like we are here! Look forward to getting some cards posted on here ASAP.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Working on card kits for swaps

Sorry, no pictures yet. I have been very busy getting some of my card kits ready to go out for some cardkit swaps I am in. It has taken me awhile to get going as I have been going back and forth between towns and actually states for the past month. My husband is working on his sisters house, doing an addition for her. He is on a time table due to he starts a new job Nov. 1st. Anyway, I am in Oregon right now, so I did get alot done today. Hopefully my stuff will all go out tomorrow!