Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hello everyone!

I thought I should update my blog since I haven't been on in awhile. That seems to be the story of my life. I have been visiting my family out in Oklahoma since July 2 and here it is Aug 28th. Where has the time gone. I came out to be with my sister during some health issues she was having. Let me say that they were pretty scary for our family. I am thankful to say that although she did have to have a few surgeries she is going to be fine. I am very thankful. My niece was in a terrible car wreck yesterday, totaled her car. A man driving a pickup pulled out in front of her, he didn't see her. She slammed on her brakes and slid sideways 69 feet. I am just thankful she just has bumps and bruises!!!

My daughter Nickie and grandson Jasper are on there way as I type this to come and visit family here, her plane will be landing in about 3 hours. I am really excited to see both of them. It is very hard to be away from my kids and grandkids when out here. I love all of my family, but do miss my other family. I really really miss my husband, and am thankful that he understands that my family needed me this summer and he told me you need to go. It was really hard because while I have been out here, he was hospitalized with problems with his heart. He did not want me to come home. My kids were there, there was nothing I could do, that is what I kept telling myself. I still felt guilty. He is home know, recovering. Patiently waiting for my return at the end of Sept.

I have had a very good time out here in Oklahoma with my family, even though I came out to be with my sister for health reasons. I have gotten to see a lot of my family. I have been here for the birth of one of my great-nephews birth, went to great-nieces birthday parties, great-nephews birthday parties, I got to see my step sister and her family from Texas who I don't get to see very often since I live in California. I have seen alot of family and still have a month to go.


Linda Palmer said...

I almost missed this since I am not used to you posting. Glad you are here and love spending time with you. So excited to see Nickie and Jasper. He is such a sweetie.

Debra Smith said...

Stopped by to see if you had been posting and I way missed, but I haven't been back on in awhile myself.